Meet Exec – Micah ’21

by on July 29, 2019

Posted in: exec

Heyo, it’s Micah, your tech director for the fall and J-term. I’m on campus for my second summer in a row (!!), this time working with Rayn and Luis as a McCullough tech for language schools. When I haven’t been cluelessly watching Hebrew school karaoke in Crossroads or putting on ridiculous light schemes for Spanish school parties in Wilson, I’ve been listening to a lot of great music and co-parenting our 1-year-old sled dog puppy, Frost. I’ve also been doing lots of cooking and being in the sun and sleeping in late and honestly it’s nice to be doing literally nothing school-related at all except for watching the beginner-level language school kids conversationally suffer. Here’s a snippet of my current go-to summer playlist, including some new releases towards the bottom starting with Jay Som’s “Tenderness.”

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