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Album Review

Haim//Days Are Gone

Two summers ago, amidst my internship with Universal Records, I was told to go downstairs to the lobby and bring up the three tall and hip-looking girls that were due to arrive at any moment.  In the elevator ride up to the Universal offices I naively asked the three very-L.A. girls with me why there… Read More

Video(s) of the Week!

Because I’m indecisive and because both these videos are awesome there are two videos this week. “Marathon Runner” by Yellow Ostrich is quite a bizarre video, yet there’s something about it that makes you keep watching. They take a hint from Animal Collective in the production of this video with the ambiguous plot line and… Read More

Video of the Week

Literally, a crazy psychedelic nightmare/fairytale. This video is crazy and mesmerizing and incites countless viewings just to figure out what the f*** is going on. The well-done animation in it adds a whole other element. Prepare for some serious sensory overload…

Video of the Week

Hold on, hold on. Alabama Shakes are really doing something good here. First of all, I didn’t even know the lead singer of the band was a woman until I watched their music video because her voice has this awesome soulful androgynous quality to it that doesn’t lend itself fully to either gender. Brittany fits… Read More

Video of the Week

One point if you know who Givers are. One point if you know what Black Cab Sessions is. Three points if you know what both things are. Regardless of your score on a quiz created to give myself the highest score, you should familiarize yourself with both the band and the unique music web site…. Read More

Video of the Week

In true Lana Del Rey fashion, her latest video includes sultry face shots, exotic animals, and a tattooed man. The Blue Jeans video offers a lot of class to the viewer with its black and white aesthetics and well-planned shots. There’s a bit of a Last Year at Marienbad feel to the video that really… Read More

Video of the Week

This week’s video is a bit different than the last one. Okay, a LOT different. Kendrick Lamar is one of the sickest rappers out there right now. His flow is OUT OF CONTROL. I didn’t even know words could come out of someone’s mouth this fast. This video has a lot of subtleties that can… Read More

Beauty in Strange Land

Yellow Ostrich released their second album, Strange Land, last Tuesday and it’s well worth a listen (or twenty). After coming out of the gates running with their debut album, The Mistress, I was skeptical to how a sophomore album would compare to what I already considered one of the best albums in my iTunes library…. Read More

Video of the Week

Prepare to be overwhelmed… It’s an exorbitant amount of colors and images that all lay over one another. At some points you don’t even realize the song is at the heart of this whole thing. “Matchstick” by the Los Angeles trio American Royalty is reminiscent of an early Animal Collective, a band experimenting with the… Read More

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