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Album Review

sean nicholas savage // other life

Artist: Sean Nicholas Savage Album: Other Life Label: Arbutus Records After reading the Juliette and John’s amazing review of their experience on the roo ride I felt inspired to write a review of Sean Nicholas Savage’s new album Other Life. As I stated in one of my earlier reviews of his single “Lonely Woman,” Sean Nicholas Savage’s unique… Read More


Sean Nicholas Savage//Lonely Woman “_”

Sean Nicholas Savage captures a lot of old school vibes through his keyboard and bass, creating a unique yet familiar sound. When first listening to Sean, I didn’t think anything of him as a musician. His sound is very different from his peers’ on Arbutus Records, and to be honest I thought the guy was… Read More

Album Review

Blue Hawaii//Untogether “_”

  For the past six months I’ve been really interested in Arbutus Records and all the artists on their label. Based in Montreal, this label developed its connections with the American music scene through Grimes—one of the first artists they signed. Since then many of the label’s bands have successfully made their way to big… Read More

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