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by on April 13, 2013

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savagesean's "other life"

Sean Nicholas Savage captures a lot of old school vibes through his keyboard and bass, creating a unique yet familiar sound. When first listening to Sean, I didn’t think anything of him as a musician. His sound is very different from his peers’ on Arbutus Records, and to be honest I thought the guy was a bit hokey.

And then I listened to “Lonely Woman.” This song doesn’t stray too far from Sean’s mellow style, but for some reason it struck me as a deeply emotional song through its lyrics. Here’s a taste of them:

Uh, yeah, and now there’s nothing I’m afraid to lose,
yeah you could be my only lady
and we can try each other crazy
go on and be the lonely woman
yeah we can do our time together
feeling each other with pleasure
oh you could go to be with your freedom
but will make you a lonely woman.

This stanza is the chorus of Sean’s ode to promiscuity. His slant rhymes suit him best in shaping the tone of not only his writing, but also his music. Sean’s soft baritone voice and melting chords just make you want to have a conversation with the guy. And he does that with these lyrics. Sean’s simple, and even repetitive, words also match his music’s understated, yet powerful, emotions.

So after listening for Sean’s words, I played “Lonely Woman” again and found his keyboard and percussions to sound a lot more fitting. They set up his discussion on the cheesy bullshit love can enforce on its victims. Sean’s trying to rise above romantic illusions with this song, but I don’t think he succeeds and he knows that. I think that makes him a pretty humble person and a great musician.

Sean’s single will be released on his new album Other Life April 30th. In the meantime you can listen to his song right here. I hope you’re looking forward to its release as much as I am.

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