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Exec Files: Vol. IV

The WRMC executive board presents their favorite tracks, albums, artists, and/or music videos of the week, old and new, but mostly new. TRACK: Tei Shi – “Bassically” Nothing indicates a genuine up-and-comer more than an artist playing a dutiful slew of shows at the annual CMJ festival, and this year the recently signed Tei Shi (Valerie Teicher),… Read More


Chart Update, 7/2/13: We LUV Lorde (and Disclosure!)

Another week, another set of music charts! This week at WRMC has seen some UH-MAY-ZING records come through the station. We finally downloaded our very own station copy of hit records like Disclosure’s Settle and Austra’s Olympia, and the former hit the #1 spot! It wasn’t an easy race this week; as infectious as Disclosure’s bass-centric club… Read More


Shortlist: Summer Anthem 2013

Summer is upon us once more, and you know what that means: summer jams! Summer jams are great because every time you hear them, you will immediately be plunged into a rose-tinted reverie regarding the summer in question, which has the double benefit of making the summer seem nicer than it really was and dispelling… Read More


Video: “You & Me” – Disclosure

Disclosure just released the video for their latest single “You & Me” (feat. Eliza Doolittle) and EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH. Not surprisingly, it focuses on a young couple falling in and out of love as they romp around Europe. Sorta Rihanna “We Found Love”-esque, but more adorable and less terrifying. I’m gonna say it: one… Read More

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