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WRMC Presents: Top 91 2015

On the stormy night of Monday May 11, 2015, WRMC DJs and music lovers alike gathered at The Mill to countdown the Top 91 tracks of the past twelve months and to celebrate another successful year of programming. ‘Twas a night of highs and lows, counting from high to low. We ate fine cheese and we drank cheap beer. We danced… Read More

Show Review


In folklore, a rat king occurs when dozens of rats, squirming and wriggling around in compact, dirty places become tangled and knotted together by their tails, creating a writhing mass, even freakier than than the sum of its parts. Just as one can imagine New York City subways being a prime location for a knot… Read More


Three Reasons To Be Excited For Doris, By Earl Sweatshirt

    Let’s be honest, at the rate he’s going, Earl Sweatshirt isn’t really “underground” anymore. Hip-hop heads have been turned and he, along with the rest of the Odd Future crew, command pretty mainstream attention. Chances are, if you’re into rap and you know of OFWGKTA you’re going to buy (or steal) Doris, Earl’s… Read More

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