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WWWednesday 12

In all seriousness, this is probably the best Ward Wolff Wednesday I’ve ever put together. half of these songs came in the mail this afternoon. which brings us to another important point: always check your mail. Til next week… Band of Horses (Cease to Begin) – the band of horses follow-up is beautiful as expected…. Read More

Ward Wolff Wednesday 10

so we’re pretty heavy on hiphop and ‘tronica this week, but hey i’m happy, and after you cop these tracks I know you will be too. in other news, programming is complete and starting sunday night WRMC 91.1FM will be providing you with the most delicious radio programming in the champlain valley, 24hrs/day 7days/week. and… Read More


So you just released a major album in the hip-hop world and you want to expand your listening base to a more diverse audience. Like those crazy rave kids. So you package up your single, send it across the pond to Amsterdam and into the mailbox of dj ESTAW, who will crank up the tempo,… Read More

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