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How do you feel about Skrillex?

In the past two weeks, “brostep” figurehead and former Warped Tour small-fonter Sonny Moore, aka Skrillex, has played SXSW and received major coverage on the hipster tastemaking sites Pitchfork and Stereogum. So, some questions: What’s going on here? Is the indie music sphere warming up to Skrillex’s bowel-movement-esque bass drops and cheap caffeine high aesthetic?… Read More

Show Profile: Second Hand Groove Machine

DJs: Erik Benepe 13.5, Jebb Norton 13.5 Time: Monday 1:30-3:00am Semesters on air: Three Discussed: Mysterious text messages, Abraham Lincoln, Orc blood, Parlament Funkadelic’s influence on De La Soul. WRMC: Your show is on late at night, what’s the strangest call you have received while on the air? Jebb Norton: Erik’s brother’s really weird.  He’s done… Read More

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