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Let’s Be Rill

The year is almost over. Just a few more finals to go. Here is a track to get you through. What You Know Bout Bein’ Rill? – Sleigh Bells x T.I. by Big Burd Big Burd is from my hometown (DYT). Everyone loves Sleigh Bells. And we can’t get enough of T.I. What more could… Read More

New (Midd Student) Music Wednesdays featuring Change Your Plans (’13)

Meet Greg. Ladies man. Otter Nonsense Player. Mash-up Artist? Indeed it is true. Middlebury joins the ranks of Case Western (Gregg Gillis AKA Girl Talk) and Hampshire College (Ethan Ward AKA E-603) with having a Mash-up artist to call its own (Greg Dorris AKA Change Your Plans). New Music Wednesdays are already awesome enough, but… Read More

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