New (Midd Student) Music Wednesdays featuring Change Your Plans (’13)

by on January 6, 2010

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Meet Greg.

Ladies man. Otter Nonsense Player. Mash-up Artist?
Indeed it is true. Middlebury joins the ranks of Case Western (Gregg Gillis AKA Girl Talk) and Hampshire College (Ethan Ward AKA E-603) with having a Mash-up artist to call its own (Greg Dorris AKA Change Your Plans).
New Music Wednesdays are already awesome enough, but we at WRMC love it when we get the chance to rep a Middlebury Student. But of course, we wouldn’t praise just any old Middkid who decides to poorly put an acapella over some 90’s pop melody.
Greg indeed knows what he is doing. There are plenty of “mash-up artists” on the interweb to become quite tired of the entire genre, but Greg successfully cuts samples to keep your head nodding while still delivering the classic “ah-ha” moments that true artists like Girl Talk are famous for. Rather than constantly sticking with the trite “Dem Franchize Boys” acapella, you can tell Greg definitely has a love for rap music while also being well-versed in popular indie rock (Dirty Projectors, Phoenix, Passion Pit to name a few) in his samples.
I could go on and on as to why his debut album is worth listening to, but I’ll instead just let you give a listen yourself. Check out one of my favorite tracks (including a Midd student cameo) and if you dig, proceed to downloading the album in its entirety by clicking below.
Grinde Up On It – Change Your Plans (Greg Dorris ’13)
Pushing and Pulling (Full Album)

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