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Nyghte Thyme Vydeohz

  Hey there Nyghte Owls. This evening/ morning, Nyghte Myoozik will be hosting a show based on some our favorite MUSIC VIDEOS. So, we figured why not post a link to the vids from the show? Also, everyone should listen to the show tonight, 12-130AM. 1.¬†Grimes- Genesis. Since, of course, Grimes bb is our muse… Read More


Ciara//Body Party “_”

I’ve always admired Ciara as an artist. But at times I doubted her ability to present the female body in a respectable light, especially when Ludacris spits his despicable verse about scoring chicks and gropes her in the music video for “Ride.” For some reason C caught my attention with her new single “Body Party.”… Read More

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