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Hey there Nyghte Owls. This evening/ morning, Nyghte Myoozik will be hosting a show based on some our favorite MUSIC VIDEOS. So, we figured why not post a link to the vids from the show? Also, everyone should listen to the show tonight, 12-130AM.

1. Grimes- Genesis. Since, of course, Grimes bb is our muse here at Nyghte Myoozik, we figured this would be the ideal way to open the show. This vid features Brooke Candy, racy L.A. stripper and thrift shop socialite.

2. St. Vincent- Chearleader. Here is an amazing video of songstress/ fashion icon Annie Clark being a sculpture. Really interestingvideo concept aaaaannnddd Grimes has expressed interest recently in working with Clark. Hopefully the two can get together and make a really really high fashion music video sometime soon.

3. Purity Ring- Fineshrine. Here’s a dreamy vid to match Purity Ring’s magical lyrics and transportive bleep bloops.  That part at the end with all the globules? So cool.

4. Twin Sister- Kimmi in a Rice Field. This one is a little bit dark and spooky, and definitely thoroughly weird. But, like the song, there’s also something beautiful and melancholy about it. You might agree, or you might get to the 2:00 mark and call BS.

5. Flying Lotus- Zodiac Shit. This is an animated clip from FlyLo that he did for Adult Swim. As such, it’s trippy and sunshiny and generally pretty cool. Wish it was for the full song, but hey.

6. XXYYXX- About You. You’ve probably seen it, but if not here you go. Babes, blunts, and animal masks– IN SLOW MO. Also this song is totally amazing even though we’ve already played it.

7. THEESatisfaction- Queens. This one is about as foxy as it gets. If I could be as effortlessly cool as any of the people in this video for, like, a day, I think I would be satisfied in life for a while. But until then I can watch and dance along to the video and pretend. That’s cool too right?

8. Die Antwoord- Zef Side. So this one’s like a combo between fat beat rap along and interview. And watching Die Antwoord do eiher of those things is pretty much hilarious, so it’s a win win. Check it

9. M.I.A.- Bad Girls. Desert swag, hand dancing, drifting like tokyo and a seriously awesome hoodie– this one makes me wish I was literally MIA’s infant child.

10. M83- Kim and Jessie. This song was the original hipster roller skating anthem. No debate. Killer choreography. And this vid really helps to make sense of the lyrics that we all pretend we know.


11. Baths- Lovely Bloodflow. Another one that we’ve played before on the show, but the video is too awesome not to include here. It’s like a live action sequence out of a really intense Hayao Miyazaki film, but with BATHS.

12. James Blake- Overgrown. A perfectly gloomy/pensive video to match Blake’s song. The video has a crazy build and reminds me a lot of Lovely Bloodflow. Also, James Blake looks really pouty and its a little bit funny.

13. Chrome Sparks- Send the Pain On. Chrome Sparks music is airy and ecstatic, and this music video is the perfect way to capture that with pix. Really simple idea, but done really well.

14. Gorillaz- El Mañana. We couldn’t do a videos show and then not include the Gorillaz, so we chose this one. It’s a great song with anawesomely dramatic music video.


15. Fleet Foxes- The Shrine/An Argument. An animated folk opus, and an 8 minute one. It’s long but it’s totally worth watching. You’ll fall in love with the elk creature and get really sad when it kind of dies… spoiler alert….

16.MGMT- Flash Delirium. This one fits really well in the next group of 3, they’re all really “cinematic” videos, for lack of a better word. It’s a great song, and a great video. Funny, funny.

17. Mister Heavenly- Bronx Sniper. This is a video that just makes the song 100 times better. A bunch of dudes literally destroying a house to make a little kid feel included, that’s special. Also, a fun fact: no one was harmed in the making of this video.

18. The Shins- Simple Song. Another great video of people wrecking things. Also, one of my favorite songs ever. And once again, the music video makes it so so so much better.

19. Sleigh Bells- Infinity Guitars. I don’t think videos or people come more bad ass than this, at least in that cool “I’m a teenager smoking a cigarette in the bathroom” kinda way. Also Grimes has been loving on this vid on her tumblr, so of course it’s here.

20. Beyoncé- Countdown. We knew we were going to include Beyonce in here because both we at Nyghte Myoozik and Grimes love her. Really any of her videos could have worked, but I felt like watching this one a few times tonight, and how could anyone say no to this?

And there it is. 20 Cool Vids to vibe to. Hope you enjoy. Leave a comment    ;* <3 <3 *;

~~~<3 Nyghte Myoozik and th3clective

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  1. Ben Goldberg says:

    i’d have to vote for the oblivion video over genesis

  2. Alvaro says:

    Blockhead -the music scene


    Amazing tracks!

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