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The Top 10 Music Videos of 2015

This past Friday, January 22, WRMC DJs convened in The Mill living room to celebrate the third annual WRMC Video Music Awards Countdown. Continuing the tradition of past countdowns in 2013 and 2014, we asked DJs to vote for their favorite videos of 2015 and compiled a top 10 list based on those votes. Below you’ll find three great… Read More

Music Video: Beyoncé – Party feat. J. Cole

What does Beyoncé like to do at a party?  Apparently mow the lawn, wear yellow fur coats, and change her hairstyle about a dozen times.  Solid.  Check out the embedded music video below:

australia is a silly place…

so first off, fun times with mr. gillis last night. i feel like people give him a lot of shit, but regardless of your thoughts on his laptop skills, his shows are pretty fun and hilarious. now on to australia. im guessing some of you have already heard of corey: the 16 year-old aussie wanna-be… Read More

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