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Top 30 4/30 Recap: Phoenix Rises

After just a week on the air, Phoenix’s “Bankrupt!” is already our top played album. Met with mostly positive reviews and popularly described as “Phoenix-y,” it marks a strong follow-up to their fourth album, 2009’s Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. ┬áMy personal favorite is the second-to-last track “Bourgeois,” a beautiful and anthemic ballad (sorta Small Black meets… Read More

Middlebury Presents: Martin Sweeney

My hall-mate, Martin Sweeney, has a talent that he kept hidden from me until the final week of school. A talented producer and standout WRMC DJ, Martin has made several solid mash-ups and remixes. Standouts include a mash-up of Crazy Town’s “Butterfly” with The xx’s “Intro” and an original remix of Phoenix’s “1901.” They’re both… Read More

Wardicus Wednesdays #7 – We’re Back

It’s 55 degrees outside which can only mean one thing: LEGS. I cannot wait for underclassmen to return from island nations that end in ‘a’ and start showing off their newly bronzed bipeds! Soon Battell Beach is going to be covered by youngsters trying to soak up the ever increasing rays of sun. Of course,… Read More

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