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Album Review

Hozier // Hozier

Hozier – “Take Me To Church” Irish singer-songwriter Andrew Hozier-Byrne (Hozier) returned on October 7th with his spectacular, soulful, self-titled full-length album. Following the brilliant 2013 single “Take Me To Church,” which criticizes Russia’s anti-homosexual policy and whose haunting music video went viral in late 2013, this soulful artist had quite an expectation to live… Read More

The Boss Seeks Approval

In honor of Bruce Springsteen’s new album the Springsteen camp is asking bands to show how they have been influenced by the The Boss. I think this is weird. You don’t see Paul McCartney going around and asking every rock band today to pay homage to him and the other Beatles. Seriously Bruce, you are… Read More


The Avett Brothers in VT

We’ve talked about them before. Well, here’s your chance to see the banjo breaking, guitar smashing, bass thumping Avett Brothers. This Saturday, November 15 at the Chandler Music Hall in Randolph, VT. For ticket information click here or call 802-728-6464 and speak to the wonderful Kathy Corrao. They are supporting their new EP, The Gleam… Read More

Hillbilly Love Songs Go Major Label

The Avett Brothers have spent the last few years tearing up the summer festival scene and pretty much running circles around the south of this country. Their stops in the NE have been few and far between yet they still have managed to get themselves a nice dedicated following where ever they go. If you… Read More

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