Hillbilly Love Songs Go Major Label

by on August 19, 2008

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The Avett Brothers have spent the last few years tearing up the summer festival scene and pretty much running circles around the south of this country. Their stops in the NE have been few and far between yet they still have managed to get themselves a nice dedicated following where ever they go. If you were able to catch their show at Higher Ground a few weeks ago, sick life. The Avett’s albums continue to flow but the real gem of this band is the live performance. When I saw them last summer I was blown away by the energy of the band. The Avetts are composed of three members, Scott and Seth Avett on banjo and guitar respectively, as well as stand-up bassist Bob Crawford. I swear to you every song either Seth or Scott would break a string from playing so hard and, without turning his head, would throw the guitar over his shoulder backstage where a roadie would be watching the sky, ready to catch it and switch in a new instrument. I have never seen such pretty instruments take such a beating. If you have the chance to see them do it.

Now I ask myself what is the point, or general relevance of this post?

Just returning from Chile, I find myself extremely out of the loop on all music happenings/news/whathaveyou. However, I have learned in my absence that the Avett Brothers will be moving from their small town label Ramseur Records to the major label, American Records, a division of Sony BMG/Columbia. The Avett Brothers are doing an album with Rick Ruben? Wowzers.

This new move is a bit startling for me. The newest and last Avett Brothers project on Ramseur Records came out last month, The Second Gleam, and along with most of their newer stuff is more slow and sentimental compared to the upbeat, hoedown, foot stomping music of their past.

Will this new move from cornfield to skyscraper soak the Avett’s in the sweet stench of success? Only time will tell.

Here is a song from the new album and one of my favorites of an older album.

Murder in the City – The Avett Brothers

Pretty Girl From Cedar Lane – The Avett Brothers

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