Ah Wyntry Myx vis à vis Nyghte Myoozik

by on January 20, 2014

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Hey, y’all.

Are you ever cold sometimes?

Do you sometimes during the winter feel like things are sad/cold?

Do you want some songs to make that feeling feel less bad/cold? OK!

Here’s a Wintry Mix from the #vegueboiz over @ Nyghte Myoozik. It’s what we’ve been listening to this month to get through the blues.


this track has exactly the kind of dense and dreamy melody that i need on a day when my spirits aren’t soaring like the lead singer’s vocals. it’s a little bit throwback, but i can’t quite say what to. that elusive factor, i think, is part of what gives this song such endless replay value.


this is a pretty old remix now, but still such a jam. it’s a little too long for the warmer months when you need something quick/ immediately catchy, so winter is the perfect season to revisit this awesome track.  bowie’s lyrics are also perfect for wintry-college-angst-mood, but murphy’s remix keeps things from being too doomy.


jessy delivers the perfect slow burn here. listening to this song on a cold day is like drinking a bunch of whiskey in the sense that it will deff keep you warm. it’s just the right amount of melancholy to make it fit well within the winter season, but it’s still danceable enough to keep things somewhat upbeat.


pretty cold track. the drum line will keep you moving, but the vocals are perfectly detached/ somewhat indifferent. Her voice is also chilling and clean and awesome to listen to over and over and over again. i had never heard of princess nokia before this track, but so far the songs of hers i’ve listened to are v good.


this is a darker kind of track than i usually expect from jerome lol, but that’s probably because he’s also experiencing the whole wintry rut thing. still a really beautiful song, especially thanks to angelina lucero’s floaty/ vague vocals. perfect for late night chills/ chilling.


this is another v good track and is probably the warmest on the list. i feel like ryan focuses more on the “you’re the only friend i need” part and less on the “that will never be enough” part, so when I’m feeling down and cold this a safe song to put on.



Here is our list. I hope this helps–

love from the crew, stay warm + cool

w/ <3 #vegueboiz