Ward Wolff Wednesdays* 1

by on June 20, 2007

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These are new songs off of new albums that we like. Don’t yell at us if they aren’t fresh enough for you. This is Vermont. Our internet tubes are filled with Cabot cheese.

Digitalism (Idealism) – Digitalism: this shit is fairly epic…..

Bonde Do Role (With Lasers) – It’s in Portuguese. We don’t know what they’re saying, but the language of music is universal;)
Solta O Frango(mp4)

TTC (3615) – Yeah, but the French are assholes.
Une Bande De Mecs Sympa(mp4)

Riow Arai + Nongenetic (Riow Arai + Nongenetic) – Japanese djs and fresh mcs.
Oh Snap feat Breaff(mp4)

Battles (Mirrored) – drums, guitars, power.

Architecture in Helsinki
(Heart it Races EP) – One amazing song done 5 amazing ways.
Heart It Races – DJ Rupture’s Ital Hymn Mix Featuring Mr Lee G(mp4)

The Clientele (God Save the Clientele) – “Welcome to the world of The Clientele where you will float amongst overgrown gardens while the salty spray of the ocean chills your swollen heart.” (Ward Wolff 2007)
From Brighton Beach To Santa Monica(mp4)

Get Set Go (Selling Out & Going Home) – A Mr. T experience for the modern man and woman.
I’ll Be Your Heroin(mp4)

Spoon (Ga ga ga ga ga) – From the moment I heard Spoon on the OC, I knew they were destined for great things. This album will be great for a long time.
The Underdog(mp4)

The White Stripes (Icky Thump) – Put your hands up for Detroit!
Icky Thump(mp4)

Art Brut (It’s a Bit Complicated) – Funny, charming dance rock about the band’s life.
Pump up the Volume(mp4)

Kenna (Out of Control: State of Emotion EP) – Spankrock remixes are good.
Free Donuts and Shellfish(Spankrock remix) (mp4)

Land of Talk (Applause Cheer Boo Hiss) – “…the music will hit you and make you move fo’ sho. At least a little bit.” (Ward Wolff 2007)
All My Friends (mp4)

*The aforementioned was not consulted in the process of naming our weekly music update post. However, he was indeed pleasantly surprised to find not only that his colleagues thought of him, but also that alliteration makes him tingle.

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  1. thanks. it’s changed, and hopefully next week we’ll remember to actually use mp3s. legit.

  2. DJ Yuletide says:

    Yo, FYI you have them labeled as mp3’s, when they’re m4a’s… I know, Big Deal, but lotta people can only play the former… ’cause they suck.

  3. Rachael says:

    YAY WRMC. this is the best idea ever.

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