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Everything (doesn’t have to) suck(s).  October 12, 2020: the date of the final WRMC blog post. Three years later, we have decided to bring back the blog.  The WRMC blog has historically been a place to connect with each other: “Letter of Recommendation: Spotify Stalking” (Letter of Recommendation: Spotify Stalking), a place to share music… Read More

WRMC Statement on the War in Ukraine

To the Middlebury community: Over the past week, we have all watched the horrors of war unfolding in Ukraine. As a student organization, we’re writing to provide our unwavering support to Ukrainian students at Middlebury and to denounce Russia’s military action. Our hearts ache for Ukraine as the situation continues to intensify. We send all… Read More


By definition this playlist is the same forwards as it is backwards. Starts with covers of songs and moves towards their original artists. I tried, very cleverly, to structure it by moving from the artist song that was covered to a cover done by that artist. This didn’t always work out… But here a is… Read More


hi hi hello ! i’m lucy/lrd (she/her) and i’ll be your studio manager this year! what is a studio manager and what will that role look like this fall? wrmc has historically filmed and recorded npr tiny desk-type library sessions in our studio space showcasing on and off campus talent. i had a blast filming… Read More

Crime at its prime

            During my drive back to Middlebury this semester, I was introduced to My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. Driving through rural Vermont seemed the perfect setting for an artfully created true crime podcast. As I twisted through sharp turns in the mountains, the wind rushed through my open window while Karen… Read More

Picture of Maddie smiling

Meet Exec – Maddie ‘22.5

Hi there! I’m Maddie and I’ll be the station’s ~*Tech Director*~ this year. Officially, I’m taking a leave of absence this fall to work full time, but that won’t stop me from Zooming into every WRMC meeting and event until I get back! This summer, I’ve been doing a remote internship shooting videos and developing… Read More

Meet Exec – Maia ’22

Hi, friends! I’m Maia, and I’m the Business Director for WRMC again this year. I’ve been hanging around Vermont this summer, jumping in cold rivers, eating a few too many creemees, and interning remotely for a statewide arts nonprofit supporting artists during the pandemic. This Fall is sure to be a wild ride in all… Read More

Meet Exec – Pia ’22

Hello! My name is Pia and I’m the Creative Director for WRMC this fall! I’m super excited to be working with everyone here (and anyone else who may want to get involved!). I spent this summer at home in Puerto Rico with my family cooking while jamming out to my sister’s Spotify playlist. It’s fire…. Read More

Gennie ’23

Hi everyone!! My name is Gennie and I will be a Concert Manager for the Spring but will be helping out this fall as well! I am a sophomore and I am thrilled to be part of the Exec board this year! We are trying to bring music content to you this Fall but we don’t… Read More


Hello! My name is Eric and I’m one of WRMC’s concerts managers for this year. You may be thinking, can you really have a concert during a pandemic? Probably not, but we’re going to try our best. Stay tuned! In March, when the world shut down, I was studying in Budapest, Hungary. I had to… Read More

Meet Exec – George 21′

Hello everyone! I’m George and I will be one of your music directors this year. Hopefully, we’ll be able to make it a good one despite the challenges that we will have to face. During quarantine I have written a science-fiction short story about a custodian, composed more songs in two months than I usually… Read More

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