Ward Wolff Wednesdays 2

by on June 28, 2007

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These are new songs off of new albums that we like. Don’t yell at us if they aren’t fresh enough for you. This is Vermont. Our internet tubes are filled with ‘Otter Summer.

Boombip (Sacchrilege EP) – This album proves that Boombip’s change from shitty IDM to good Dancehall was a synth-tastic idea.
One of Eleven(mp4)

Chromeo (Fancy Footwork) – Their keyboards grew legs so that they could walk it out.

Daniel Johnston (Welcome to my World) – A collection of beloved tracks from everyone’s favorite mentally ill singer-songwriter’s early, rough, and incredibly charming records.
Casper the Friendly Ghost(mp3)

Depeche Mode (Playing the Angel) – This album isn’t new at all, and neither is Depeche Mode. But I just can’t get enough.
John the Revelator(mp3)

Field Music (Tones of Town) – Nice poppy folk rock that is pleasing to the ears.
Working to Work(mp4)

M.I.A. (Boyz single) – This should be your new ringtone.

Matthew Dear (Asa Breed) – New electronica from one of Detroit’s most well known remixers.
Midnight Lovers(mp3)

Maximo Park (Our Earthly Pleasures) – “His accent is awesome, and his music is nice as well.”
Karaoke Plays(mp3)

Montag (Going Places) – A great place somewhere between soft-electronic pop and more ambient folktronica.
Softness, I Forgot Your Name(mp3)

The Chemical Brothers
(Do it Again) – The Chemical Brothers are back, and although this isn’t the best song off their new album, this remix pounds.
Do It Again (Oliver Huntemann Remix)(mp3)

The Sea and Cake (Everybody) – This album settles into a groove in my soul that stimulates all of my shakras. No, up a little bit…yeah, over a little…yeah…that’s the spot.
Exact to Me(mp3)

Project Jenny, Project Jan (xoxoxoxoxo) – Project Jenny, Project Jan made me dance so hard laugh came out my nose.

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  1. Ward says:

    wish i could take credit, mr lost cause.

  2. lost cause says:

    nice post ward.

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