Ward Wolff Wednesdays 3

by on July 11, 2007

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This music is so good, it hurts to listen to. Almost as much as Dakota’s wrist hurts right now.

Gouseion. (Puisne)If these beats had lyrics, they’d be cooler than the other side of your pillow.
Turing Test(mp3)

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly (The Chronicles of a Bohemian Teenager)Sweetest band name ever. Their songs are also good.
Call Me Ishmael(mp3)

Mountaineer (When the Air is Bright They Shine) – Soft pop melodies and lazy, lo-fi vocals. Also, the lead singer is named Henning Wandhoff.
A Line for Every Letter(mp3)

Ana├»s Mitchell (The Brightness)- Don Mitchell’s daughter. “…she has some serious storytelling skillz and a pretty raw sound – pretty and raw, that is.” (Christina Spencer 2007)
Your Fonder Heart(mp3)

Against Me! (New Wave)Ward likes this “political folk-punk band” alot. Ward knows his shit.
Thrash Unreal(mp3)

Iron And Wine (Boy with a Coin EP) – “I don’t know if I’m ready for the september release. Maybe I’ll lisen a copule hundred more times before then. Like, to prepare. Caution: listen to track 3 while seated.” (Ward Wolff 2007)
Kingdom of the Animals(mp3)

Joan as Police Woman (Real Life) – Joan as Police Woman has been doing her thing for some time. With Real Life you can certainly tell: “…this has the edge and excitement of a debut with the polish of a veteran.” (Ward Wolff 2007)
I Defy(mp3)

Black Moth Super Rainbow (Dandelion Gum) – “Crazy dudes in the woods (seriously)…” (Ward Wolff 2007)
Sun Lips(mp3)

Frog Eyes (Tears of a Valedictorian) – “Think of any adjective and it will fit. Love it.” (Ward Wolff 2007)
Idle Songs(mp3)

Dntel (Dumb Luck) – I’ve been in love with Jenny Lewis since she starred alongside Fred Savage in The Wizard (and I always will be;).
roll on (ft. Jenny Lewis) (DTAS)(mp3)

Bat for Lashes (Fur and Gold) – “Harpiscords and lutes. Pretty pretty.” (Dakota 2007)
The Wizard(mp3)

Of Montreal (Suffer for Fashion EP) – “Extras from the last Of Montreal album with a really long name.” (Dakota 2007)
Du Og Meg(mp3)

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