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alex, stina and i paid a visit to our quasi-French neighbors to the north last night to catch the hotness that is chromeo and flosstradamus, at club 1234 in montreal. after enjoying the favorable exchange rate, taking part in some shady dealings, and waiting in line for an hour, we made our way into the club. flosstradamus came on around midnight and, as expected, murdered the crowd with their ill-mixery…..

…an hour later chromeo came on, opened up with tenderoni, and the place fell apart. apparently a home town crowd makes a difference, because halfway through the first song the floor had devolved into one giant, french-canadian hipster mosh pit. raucous crowds aside, chromeo put on an amazing performance (the highlight for me was definitely needy girl). but i already knew chromeo was tight going into the show……

…what i didn’t know was how dirty flosstradamus really was. not only do they look cool, but they know how to DJ a sick party. (when they mixed where’s your head at into their yeah yeah remix, i literally shit my pants right there on the dance floor). hands down, the best dance party I’ve ever heard/been to. in celebration of my recent enlightenment, i’ve posted a few of my favorite flosstradamus tracks, as well as a mix they put out this winter (courtesy of kissatlanta).

D4L- Laffy Taffy – (Flosstradamus Remix)(mp3)
Flosstradamus – Overnight Star (Sigur Ros vs. Twista)(mp3)
Flosstradamus – Act a Fool (Ravestradamus mix)(mp3)
Matt & Kim – Yeah Yeah (Flosstradamus Remix)(mp3)
Flosstradamus – 3 Peat Mix(mp3)

*special thanks to lost cause over at powder horn terrace for introducing me to flosstradamus this spring

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  1. Jason says:

    studio b was hot too. you guys rock, this blog is gonna take off.

    diplo at the apple store was a storm last night. big booty danced our asses off.

    nyc misses middlebury. see you in a few weeks.

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