shake what you got in them jeans…

by on July 29, 2007

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so word on the street is, if you are a girl, skinny jeans are out and high waist, wide leg jeans are in. now this has nothing to do with music, and even less to do with independent college radio, but i would like to make an appeal to those of the female variety: don’t wear high waist, wide leg jeans.

skinny jeans have been the greatest thing to ever happen to girls’ pants. after years of watching you walk around in all those ugly styles, skinny jeans came around and finally made you look amazing from the waist down. don’t let some jackass fashion designer convince you that these wide leg, high waist jeans are attractive, because they aren’t. they are really ugly, and you will look really ugly (and fat) if you wear them. don’t change.*

Jim Jones – We Fly High (Them Jeans Edit)
Yelle – Ce Jeu (Them Jeans Edit)

*word up to nora matson for the fashion updates

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  1. Thompson says:

    that was fucking awesome.

    check out this fashion blog i write for,

  2. Nora says:

    bobby, way to steal my thunder

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