Ward Wolff Wednesdays 6

by on August 2, 2007

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This might be my favorite Ward Wolff Wednesdays ever; last night around 2:15 I picked half of the music over a mixed drink(s). This morning I sat down and tried to explain why. I think you’ll be more than mildly suprised at the results.

Ben Davis & the Jetts
(Battle of the Beards) – I like this song. It’s too hot out to write anything more.
Clash It (mp3)

(Records of the Damned) – May be the best thing I’ve heard since the third grade.
Magical 8-Bit Tour (mp3)

That Handsome Devil (That Handsome Devil) – I don’t know what to say about this one. I like it a lot. It makes me laugh.
Dating Tipss (mp3)

Georgie James
(Need Your Needs) – Indie rock/pop doesn’t get any purer than this. (more pure?)
Cake Parade (mp3)

The Bird & the Bee
(The Bird & the Bee) – I remember hearing this off of Music for Robots a couple months ago, but it’s still good the second time around.
Again & Again (mp3)

Trembling Blue Skies (The Last Holy Writer) – Perfect for keeping cool on a hot sweaty day.
This Once Was an Island (mp3)

Architecture In Helsinki (Places Like This) – “People have hated on this but they shouldn’t; this album is just what Architecture in Helsinki were doing before, but even better. I’s kind of like the Transformers movie–you either get it or you don’t.” (Bobby Teenager, 2007)
Lazy (Lazy) (mp3)

Au Revoir Simone (The Bird of Music) – Annie, Erika and Heather. Marry me.
Sad Song (mp3)

Coyote Bones (Gentleman on the Rocks) – This album was recorded all over the place over 3 years of playing with musical friends across the country.
Fated to Fail (mp3)

(Mentor Tormentor) – Low register pop rock songs from California. It grows on you quickly.
Answers & Questions (mp3)

Ladybirds (Regional Community) – “If you’re not in the right mood this could give you a killer toothache. But a toothache oh so sweet. I think this pretty much hits the “guilty pleasure” nail on the head. Or in the tooth.” (Ward Wolff, 2007)
Regional Community Theater (mp3)

Meg Baird (Dear Companion) – Country/gospel straight arrow offerings from Drag City. Get it.
Do What You Gotta Do (mp3)

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