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by on August 8, 2007

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Don’t get me wrong: Daft Punk is great and all, but I think it’s safe to say this blog could use a bit of a DP breather. Dakota and B Teenager have hit the road for the you-know-what extravaganza at the you-know-where, and here in lonely Vermont I have wrested control of the blog if only for this measly post. Hmmmm.

So, I’m getting ready to sell my car (btw, if anyone is looking for a hunky, manly, beastly Jeep, I know the perfect one for you. You know what they say: Suckin’ gas and haulin’ ass! Right..?) Anyway, as was peeling back layer after layer of worthless junk and coffee cups that have accumulated over the summer to get the car ready to sell, I also managed to make a pile of every stray CD hidden underneath the seats and tangled in bungee cords. That pile is now in my room. The only CD that therefore remains in the car arrived last week in WRMC’s mailbox.
Despite it’s cracked jewel case (it was hidden beneath the A&W menu, and we all know the danger of B Teenager’s reckless appendages), I threw it in for a spin as the sun was going down and me descending into the fog blanketing Middlebury Gap, and it’s not going anywhere else anytime soon.

Orenda Fink of Azure Ray’s ART IN MANILA. Debut album that is painfully sweet. I think I would liken it to that feeling you get after you have been swimming in cold water for about ten minutes and you begin to get numb/used to it, after which point you can swim forever because you don’t really feel anything anymore even though you see goosebumps all over your skin and your face is turning blue. Oh god that sounded like a shitty promotional blurb – someone get me out of here!

Art in Manila – Our Addictions

Art in Manila – The Abomination
Art in Manila – I Thought I Was Free
Art in Manila – Golden Dawn

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