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by on October 23, 2007

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While taking a cigarette break this past Saturday night I had a short conversation with a German kid named something German who had just moved into Brooklyn a few months ago. According to him, everything good in the world comes from NYC–and from Brooklyn not Manhattan. While it was hard to back that claim up, since Europe was being represented by two of its best djs ever (Erol Alkan and Xavier from Justice), it was that point in the night when sweeping generalizations did sound more legitimate than usual.

So what makes Brooklyn so cool to Europeans? Fucking Studio B, at 259 Banker St. in Brooklyn NY. At any point in the year, this place always has the best lineups I’ve ever seen on this side of the Atlantic. The music is always ridiculous and there is no place better for an after party. If you made it to the Daft Punk after party, you know what I mean. In the case of this past weekend, it was no different: Erol Alkan is incredible and deserves to be labeled the best dj out of London today. And who else could follow him other than the shorter half of Justice? These guys were two of the most energized djs I’ve ever seen and it looked like the really enjoyed themselves the whole time. There was just something so enjoyable about watching the smile on Xavier’s face while he was spinning American 90’s pop music (Gettin Jiggy With It was a definate high point of the set) at 4:30 in the morning that I can’t imagine why Busy P doesn’t like coming to NY.

I can’t possibly explain how amazing this show was, but I can point out that if you ever get a chance to party at Studio B, buy the will call, RSVP, and then dance your face off.

Justice – Waters of Nazerath (Erol Alkan remix)(zshare)

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  1. Taylor says:

    First time peeking into the blog of WRMC. I just LOVE what you’ve done with the place!
    Keep it going going going….

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