by on December 11, 2007

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So I just discovered (with the help of digg) the newest and coolest way for fans and artists to connect and share their experiences. And it’s based on the market system, so it has to work. Created by two USC students James Miao and Samuel Hsiung, thesixtyone is a site where artists upload their music, fans upload new music they’ve found, and then everyone rates everything together. The catch? you have a limited number of bumps (how you rate a song) that you can spend, but if songs that you’ve bumped get a lot of other bumps, you win more bumps to spend. Musical casino! So whether you are an artist that just wants their music heard, or you’re a fan that wants to prove how good you are at picking new acts, thesixtyone is pretty much a win-win situation. Kudos to the creators for quitting their day jobs to make another music site for our generation–maybe one day they’ll be richer than that facebook guy.

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