love letters.

by on January 6, 2008

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for me it is impossible for me to choose a favorite color. but letters, i have always loved the letter q. it is sort of romantic, because u always has its back. but the letter s, well, it will really has an impact. think about it. off the top of my head i can think of loads of influential things that start with the letter s… the smiths. the sex pistols. simon and garfunkel. soft cell. cat stevens. spice girls. salt-n-pepa. sinatra. stereo total. tupac shakur. snoop dogg. stevie wonder. sleater-kinney. the supremes. sex pistols. the streets. sigur ros. sufjan stevens. the shins. sonny and cher. sha na na. and i can go on… but i wont. ok maybe i will a little bit.
like spinal tap.

or shigley.

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