Droppin Droppin Science…

by on February 28, 2008

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Check it. Aside from the sublime reference, Droppin science is a chunky J. Rocc mixtape of ol’dirty bluenote tunes. Check out the dre sample at about 12 mins. Rocc’s composition enters the meta-media realm when he mixes in the original track that dre sampled. Rocc crafts beats around original cuts but in most cases doesn’t bother to alter them. Primarily relying on the subtlety of the original jazz and funk drum-kicks for his transitions, the Rocc elevates this mix beyond any volume of Madlib’s Mindfusion.

Keep it crucial,

3 Responses to “Droppin Droppin Science…”

  1. genstar. says:

    rock me. e-rok.

  2. ari j says:

    I once mentored former GM conor and schooled him on jazz. I too am seriously enjoying this J. Rocc mixtape.

  3. Conor says:

    I am seriously enjoying this J. Rocc mixtape.
    Thanks for posting this.

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