Sepomana 2008

by on May 8, 2008

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In a transformation of epic proportions, Proctor finally fulfilled its destiny as the Playboy Mansion of Indie Rock. Can’t you tell?

In a rare live appearance, Dean Wells and The Capstan Shafts played a set short and sweet to get the night going. He’s released like 16 albums and played only about 4-5 shows. We were very lucky to have him. His music makes us very happy.

The Ruby Suns of New Zealand followed up with their world-infused indie pop that got everyone jumping on top of the salad bar.

And Menomena melted my face:

Ryan made friends.

Imogen was always looking to get in on the action.

The Ruby Suns found a new home in Vermont. We went to go see them play at Higher Ground:

Then we had a dance party.

Sepomana Proctor was by far the best rock show to hit Middlebury in a long while. Thanks to everyone who came out. Stay tuned for news from the after-party featuring Palms Out Sounds…

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  1. E-rok says:

    What a weekend. Check out the palms out crush list in atwater.

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