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by on June 22, 2008

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I listened to my record recently and I’m concerned about how much I like it.

Andrew Bird you cocky bastard. Check out Andrew’s Blog on the New York Times Website as he works on his new album plus a tastey dribble of a new song, “Oh No.”

5 Responses to “More from the Birdman”

  1. $ara says:

    Yankees need more soul, anyways.

  2. hey fleezer. chill buddy.

    wrmc plays all kinds of music. sometimes we rave and sometimes we just like to get funky. enjoy the summer sould and if you really need your dance fix, check out the links bar on the right side. i recommend discobelle and palms out (among others).

    e and cam. keep on doing what you’re doing.

  3. fleezer says:

    sorry not into any of that. what about the playlist right before you took over? How about Air, Junior Boys, Justice, Mylo, Hot Chip, Camera Obscura, MIA… whatever they played last summer, it was perfect. I don’t know if playlists are saved but if they are – last summer. Thank you

  4. E-rok says:

    hey fleeze,
    what would you rather hear? Also, we’re playing soul, jazz, hip-hop, afrobeat, dub and funk.


  5. fleezer says:

    Can someone please do something about the playlist? I can’t stand this soul music. There are now no stations in vt that I can listen to. I LOVED summers here because of wrmc, now its gone. Come on, it almost July, dont ruin the whole summer with this music. No one wants to listen to it expect for the kid who is playing it. Please bring back the good music.

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