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OK Go Gets Frustrated

So I have been spending day in and day out in the library working on my thesis and a friend sent me a very topical opinion piece by Damian Kulash of the band OK Go. You see, I’m writing about online piracy and how piracy is moving from individual crimes to a movement of pirates… Read More

Shadows All Around Us

Deejaying is an arena of constant debate. Who deserves the job description and who doesn’t? We at WRMC consider ourselves Deejays for throwing on a few mp3s, maybe occasionally using one our 3 high-tech CD players. Some of us even use our turntables when they are working. Does this make us Deejays? Hellz yes. One… Read More


I’m so excited this bus is coming to Middlebury this Saturday. This is going to be sweet. Get your tix at the box office. Straight away lads and gals.

Umm. Yummy.

Devendra Banhart. New music you say? A live performance? In Vermont? Goodness Gracious Sakes Alive. 1) Devendra’s new album, “What Will We Be,” is available this week, in fact tomorrow, on Warner Brothers Records. Oh, man, Warner Brothers Records. Here is a new track, Baby, that is swell. 2) Like what you hear? Check him… Read More

Gathering of the Vibes recap

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the love and substance festival known as the Gathering of the Vibes. Some of the headliners of this event were Crosby, Stills, Nash, Bob Weir, Buddy Guy, moe., George Clinton and P Funk, and the beautiful Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Some highlights from the show… Read More

Lymbyc Systym at the Monkey House

Check out Lymbyc Systym tonight at the Monkey House in Winooski. Here’s the music video for “Truth Skull” off their 2007 LP: Love Your Abuser. This post-rock/electro duo create incredibly dynamic and sweeping sounds that will surely blow you away. Support this band!

Beer Fest

Bored this weekend? Have a beer! Today and tomorrow, July 17-18, is the VT Brewers Fest in Burlington, VT at Waterfront Park. They have 37 different craft breweries attending from all over the NE. I’d come Saturday night if I were you so that you may enjoy fresh poured Otter Creek from your favorite WRMC… Read More

Wouldn’t it Be Nice….

To see Dan Deacon in concert at your doorstep? Yes it would. Check out interviews and more songs from his summer tour HERE.

Explosions in Central Park

(Photo courtesy of www.brooklynvegan.com) So a few weeks ago Ward and I went to see Explosions in the Sky in Central Park. It was the Austin band’s 10th anniversary show and despite the opening of the heavens, the chitter-chatter audience, and a few technical problems the show was fantastic. I was pleasantly surprised by how… Read More

Station Update

When we lost all that library space back in January we all thought, “Oh no! What will we do with all these records littering our floors?” Well, I am proud to say that they plague us no more. The vinyl has all be reshelved with plenty of space to spare. In addition to this, we… Read More

Ween Hour

To celebrate the arrival of rock music’s most eclectic duo, Ween, to Burlington’s Waterfront, WRMC is having a daily WEEN HOUR. Everyday from 6-7pm we will be playing your favorite (or maybe not your favorite) Ween tunes. As Ween can range from country, to noise to pop to metal, this may sit strange in your… Read More

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