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by on September 22, 2008

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Dear Vermont,

Please prepare for face melting musical chaos. This weekend Higher Ground in Burlington has an all-star lineup. To start the weekend off we have Lotus, a staple of hippie-dippie-dance-trance-electro that has been grooving across the country for the past few years. The five-piece band is promoting their new album, Hammerstrike, on October 14. The band has the album up for streaming on their website here.

Saturday night things get a little more hectic. Dan Deacon, member of the Baltimore art collective Wham City, will be playing his special blend of crazed dance electro in the Showcase Lounge. Deacon’s live shows have a reputation for being intimate and insane as he positions himself in the audience and thrives on audience participation. The trained composer can work loops and soundbites like few can. This show will not disappoint.

Here are two songs from this weekend’s performers. If you have a heart condition, you have been warned.

Wham City – Dan Deacon

Umbilical Moonrise – Lotus

Sincerely and always yours,


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