where do you run, do you run, do you run to?

by on October 22, 2008

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welcome back to another installment of get to know yr rotation!

today, boys and girls, we will focus on a much hyped up and comer: the vivian girls. naturally i heard about this band through the grapevine and even managed to read about them in the middlebury campus in an article written by wrmc’s own rock manager melissa marshall. i know that melissa shares my love of all things female indie rock, so i was excited when the cd made it into the station.

the vivian girls offer a product that is refreshing in its simplicity. having grown up listening to lookout! records and kill rock stars, these three girls make me feel like i’m in a time warp, transported to olympia, washington in 1991. the vivian girls sound like le tigre and bikini kill made a baby with the jesus and the mary chain. strong harmonies, distorted fuzzy guitars, and three girls from brooklyn with bangs and a taste for irony. they also put this out on their own and its climbing the wrmc charts! so listen to it and jump around your room and shake your booty!

love, rachael

vivian girls – where do you run to
vivian girls – never see me again

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