Fresh Cold Cuts on Rye

by on November 15, 2008

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You have probably heard of Coldcut, the British dance/hip hop duo. You probably like them.

In England, they have this great thing called the BBC, which owns radio and TV and internet outlets. Though this may be a scary example of government control of the media, they tend to do an excellent job with music programming.
BBC Radio 1 has a show called Essential Mix that is basically a late-night mix from a famous DJ or group broadcast over the air. Think DJ Shadow or RJD2 or Diplo doing a live concert set on the radio and that’s about it.
Cold Cut has an excellent version of this Essential Mix, two hours of beautiful hip hop samples and dance beats.
get it here
and enjoy

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  1. Just a small point. The BBC is NOT Government controlled and is not a state broadcaster per-se. Granted, it is funded by a universal licence fee payable by everyone who has a TV but it is independently run and managed.

    This has led to conflict between the BBC and the Government of the day and parties of all hues complain of bias against them when they are in power.

    Andy Bantock

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