Bromance from BrO8 : The Red River

by on April 30, 2009

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Sitting on a train as his forehead vibrates along the cool glass. The sunlight gleaming in the car teases him with fleeting glimpses of his reflection. The landscape moves smoothly by like a movie, framed by the aluminum window frame, scored by the repetitive clanks from the rails. His mind digresses to what he should have done. What he should not have done. His emotions boil up as reality sets in, and the distance between them continues to grow as he travels down the track. If only he could have been the person he thought he was being. It is clear now that he got what he deserved. Yet as the train slows down he sees a familiar face on the platform amidst the crowd of suits and brief cases. The emotions continue to boil yet now to a different tune of reality, as the movie now focuses in on a face mouthing the words, “you are something good, and so am I”.

This is a song that I like a bunch from The Red River’s 08 album Grassblades, check them out

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