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by on July 3, 2009

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hello kittens. i’ve missed you. here is a present. meow.

i got to see these people perform live in the basement of the first unitarian church in philadelphia, pennsylvania on june 17th and let me tell you, it was worth all the disgustingly sweaty jostling, sloppy drunk art students and local riff-raff yelling in my ear about sixers draft picks. the dirty projectors ARE IT. these girls are unbelievable live, their vocal arrangements make your whole body tingly, and this dude (a yale drop-out apparently, btw) is insane live. the music washed over me in perfect waves of lean-in-just-to-barely-hear-it-quiet and overwhelmingly-loud-sound-crashes. not to mention i got a sweet bag for only five dollars (when it should have been ten)! this video is almost as cool as seeing them live at the first unitarian, but cooler than listening to them on your headphones in atwater while studying for your russian final exam.

unrelated, but just for good measure, this song is also the jam:

humid, summery, bug-bitten love and kisses
-your music director-ette emeritus

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