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by on September 23, 2009

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Hello to everyone out there in radio land:

As of this past Monday morning at 6AM (three cheers for early-morning DJ’s!), we are back on the air with live programming!

This semester we have a pretty packed schedule of cool new show and returning favourites. Our full schedule is up on the website: wrmc.middlebury.edu and also visible in full size by clicking the image above. For those of you on campus, our Special Productions manager Brad made a new GO to get you there faster: go/radioschedule

Amongst the new offerings this semester is Epic Stories, a show on Monday nights from 9-10.30, cohosted by Cecily Glouchevitch and our super intern from last semester, Mackenzie Beer. These ladies are telling modernized versions of epic and mythological tales with a twist – the storyteller must adapt the tone of her story to match a suprise song selection by her co-DJ. This week they told a story about Orpheus and Eurydice and another about Persephone and Hades. Tune in next week for more great stories!

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