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by on October 1, 2009

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4 Conditions To Be Met for a Guaranteed Awesome Show:

  1. A really f*cking awesome band.
  2. Songs you can sing (rather shout) along to.
  3. Songs you can rhythmically convulse to.
  4. A band that demands your participation in the collective concert experience.
Now, hm… what awesome Brooklyn duo could be playing in Burlington next week that has a knack for all of these conditions…

Matt & Kim of course!

Yes! It is true! Matt and Kim are playing at the Higher Ground Tuesday, October 6th, and it is definitely something to be stoked about. These guys rock the stage with their power pop goodness, oozing the essential energy needed to make a good show. Watching Kim alone bash on her drums makes even the most non-chalant hipster tap his foot and maybe give a casual head bob.

Tickets are on sale online and at the door. Worth it? I’ll let you decide in 2:10…

— The Super Intern

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