Save Your Radio!

by on October 2, 2009

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Do you love free radio?

More importantly, do you love WRMC?

If you enjoy the benefits of free radio – and local, non-Clear Channel, non-Cumulus radio in particular – you need to know that bills are presently pending in Congress which would endanger small stations.

Essentially, these bills would impose a performance tax on every single radio play of every song controlled by BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC – the big three royalties companies who own the rights to the vast majority of recorded music you hear on the radio. In an ideal world, the proceeds from this tax would go directly to the artists. However, it appears that in fact, most of the revenues will benefit the royalties conglomerates instead.

Most importantly, this tax would endanger the small radio stations who help recording artists get their start. Little radio stations serve the recording industry and the artists by getting new music out there – we put in the legwork to help artists make it to the big time. In WRMC’s illustrious past, we’ve had Yo La Tengo and Ratatat, to name but two, on our radar – and thus on the air – long before they “broke.” To cite an even larger example, Buddy Holly (and the Crickets) started out on a local radio station in Texas long before he became the star whose death shook the world.

If you want to help local, independent radio stay on the air – some won’t be able to afford these new taxes – please take a look at:
Save Free Radio!
Free Radio Alliance

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