CMJ Music to Love

by on October 26, 2009

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For those of you not in the college radio loop, CMJ is both a magazine – the College Music Journal, basically the Billboard of College radio – and a spectacular music festival which wrapped up in NYC this weekend. Amongst the many, many artists and labels and promoters and stations in attendance were a few stand-outs:


Anyone who can play folk rock over a swing beat and incorporate an accordian without sounding like the musical equivalent of a bowtie (for clarification, see Professor Hamlin), deserves nothing but love. Check out their songs Character Piece and Elders.

Friendly Fires

These guys provide the music festival’s requisite electro pop (allegedly with punk influences…) with punchy beats and a decidely dancefloor-friendly sound. Give Skeleton Boy and Paris a listen.

Still Life Still

Quite simply, if your slow mornings don’t yet have a soundtrack, look no further than Still Life Still. If they already have a soundtrack, add Kid and Pastel to it.

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