The Middle East

by on November 3, 2009

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The Middle East – “Blood” { download }

“We went fishing last night.”

“Well you did, I watched from the rocks above. You caught two fish and it was for fun.”

“Your tackle box laid at your feet as you smiled up at me holding the fish you caught above your head. There was already one on the ground and the sun glinted its scales. They were nice fish. And you looked silly in your big hat. It was bright out out, and it was just for fun.”

“And when I woke up I completely forgot for a minute.”

“A whole minute of blissful forgetfulness, I couldn’t even remember why my alarm was set so early”

“Forgot what?”

“That something terrible will happen to me.”


“Not in-particular. It’s just that ever since I was little I knew something completely awful would happen to me.”

“Like death? You know that everyone dies.”

“I know that. But it will be worse than just death. Maybe it will be. I think it will be something worse. Something awful”

“So what did you do?”

“Well, I kept sleeping. As I am now.”

“Good, then I’ll start skinning the fishes”

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