The Delights of The Gamut Room: You and Yourn

by on November 13, 2009

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In the history of male/female indie duos (She & Him, Matt & Kim, The White Stripes) rarely do we find a pair that are happily in marriage. Today, I present to you the first! (Well, there is Avey Tare and Kria Brekken but we know how Pitchfork feels about them… ) So yes! Today is the first and if you didn’t know already they are playing in the Gamut Room!

Now, I realize what you are thinking: “Oh, there goes another one of those ‘indie folk duos’ with their chilled out singer-songwriter air to them. Better bring out my worn-in flannel.” Well! You, my friend, are wrong. This is not just “indie folk” music. It is lyrically-driven, atmospheric chamber-folk” for the sophisticated hipster (perfect for the Gamut Room atmosphere). So head over there for the family affair around 8, eat some crepes and enjoy the beginning of a relaxing night.

Check out the music here (you’ll enjoy, I promise).

Oh, did I mention they are touring with Andrew Bird in December? Yeah, I’ll see you there.

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