A Message from Deacon of Animal Collective

by on December 22, 2009

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Hey everyone,

Josh (deacon) here. I’m posting up here to let everyone know about
something i’m really psyched about. I’ve been given an opportunity to
go play a show in Mali, Africa, followed by some a few shows in Europe
by myself and opening up for Noah. On a personal level I am really
excited to be playing my first solo shows ever. But I am also really
psyched to be using the trip and the opportunity it provides to raise
money for a very real slavery problem in Mali. I know we aren’t
normally the the type to get involved directly this way, but I felt like
this was a really great time and way to do it. please go look at the
details of the project at


if you had already seen this project in it’s original form, please look
again. We’ve gotten some really helpful backing from Paw Tracks that
make it possible for this project to be entirely humanitarian now.

If you feel you want to and can donate to this project it would be
great. $50 or more will get you a hand packaged album that i will be
making using sounds I have collected from the trip as well as the music
i have been writing. and if you feel you can’t help right now but you
know someone that might, please pass it on.

thanks to everyone.
happy holidays,

A call to all WRMC blog viewers. Band your friends together. Get 5 of you to contribute 10 dollars and you have a hand packaged album! We at WRMC love seeing humanitarian efforts by bands we adore so let’s celebrate and support!

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  1. Patrick says:

    I don’t understand this. Animal Collective has a record label and it seems like they could pay for his travels. It also seems more ridiculous that he said he needs 20,000 to 25,000$ for his travels. Deacon said that it is the cost for travels, moving his gear, and also 4 or 5 other traveling companions. All I know is that Larry David wouldn’t approve of donating money to him on the suspicousness.

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