Shadows All Around Us

by on January 18, 2010

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Deejaying is an arena of constant debate. Who deserves the job description and who doesn’t? We at WRMC consider ourselves Deejays for throwing on a few mp3s, maybe occasionally using one our 3 high-tech CD players. Some of us even use our turntables when they are working. Does this make us Deejays?

Hellz yes.

One man who might question the skill that is taken in arranging the perfect iTunes playlist is none other than DJ Shadow. Last November he tinkered with a crate of vinyl, 3 turntables, and an impeccable ear to create a nonstop hour and fifteen minute set at the Park Plaza Hotel in L.A.

Shadow displays some animosity for us peon Deejays:

“I’m not immune to playing a hit or two; sometimes it’s necessary to show the audience that I’m not conducting an educational seminar. But here we are in the Serato age, with access to millions of songs and DJ’s are still playing the same fifty over and over again… FROM THEIR LAPTOPS. There’s something wrong with that. That’s why to the extent that I am able, I insist on playing vinyl. After all, some songs went out of print for a reason.”

Snatch this HERE in mp3 (v0) or HERE in FLAC (for you discerning readers).

Oh, and go support the artist.

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