In a Telescope now

by on May 13, 2010

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“I used to hate this place you know.”

“That’s impossible. Nobody hates Kora.”

They stood on the bank of the lake. The tops of their feet slowly becoming numb in the frosty water. It smelled like late fall. Wet leaves mixed with a sharp burning fragrance from some distant fire.

“I wish all girls smelt like this. I might start bottling this scent.”

“It doesn’t work like that”

“I know that, but still. I wish. I would keep it in a small glass bottle with a cork in my pocket.”

Across the lake, windows glowed, offering warmth to any onlooker. It’s like chasing a shot of whiskey with imagery, he thought to himself.

“Every time we would come to Kiona when I was younger I pretended to not care, I sort of regretted it actually. Secretly, I loved it here, and it never stayed a secret for very long. I couldn’t help being happy making forts in the hills and swimming in the water, exploring the islands.”

“I just couldn’t stand it leaving me. That’s how it felt every time we drove away from the cabin. Staring past our dog, still wet in the way back, as small rocks pinged the side of our car humbly rumbling down the dirt road. It was leaving me.”

“For weeks, I would stay up at night thinking about Kora, of how I could convince my parents to move here. It was nice to think about. It was also torture. I could never sleep.”

“Eventurally I decided to hate it. It’s easier to forget about things you hate than things you love.”

The two started walking back up to his idling station wagon. Shoes and socks in hand.

“I always thought I’d end up here. I’m happy that someone did.”

Both doors slammed.

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