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by on August 21, 2010

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Why is this band not incredibly popular? They have been tweaking a unique sound for some years now, and their most recent record “Mines” is a stand-out of the summer (if you don’t have it, you should). How can I post songs on this blog? Lemme know and I’ll post my favorite trax (tracks) from the album. I’m sure someone reading this knows how to do that. Seriously. And don’t write it in non-english. I want something legible.

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  1. you should also check out SoundCloud. quickly becoming a go to for most artists that want to share their music online while cutting down on illegal downloads.


    Also, as a wrmc/midd alum (and the co-founder of this blog) i happy to see that you all continue to carry the torch;)

  2. Sam Safran says:

    make an account at http://www.divshare.com, upload the tracks and embed the html they give you to add a player! include a link to the download page too!

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