Final Radio Event of The Year

by on May 14, 2011

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So WRMC’s Top 91 will air this Sunday at 9pm. The top 91 songs of the year as decided upon by the greater WRMC DJ community. Tune in to hear some of the best music of the past 365 days (yeah, we adhere to the school calendar, Jan. 1 is meaningless) hosted by a slew of WRMC DJs.

The annual WRMC Awards will also be given out in the following categories:

Best Show Name
Best Duo or Group
Best Solo DJ
Sexiest Radio Voice
Strangest Radio Voice
Best Show Concept
First-Year Award
Most Attractive DJ (pair or singlet)
Most Attractive Programming Directrice
Best Non-Music Show Award
Worst Attendance Award
3-5 AM Appreciation Award
WRMC Lifetime Achievement Award
Lastly, there has been some talk of senior week programming by graduating seniors, so if any of your favorite DJs won’t be coming back next year, keep your ears perked!

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