New York in the Summatime: Land of So Many Good Concerts

by on May 26, 2011

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So since it seems like people flock to NYC over the summer for internships and jobs and such things, I thought I’d share links to the few websites that will direct you to most of the good live music in the city over the summer. The idea was born out of a conversation I had in the library that literally went something like “Oh you’re going to be in NY this summer for the first time? You’re going to hear SO much good music. Here are the websites that can tell you where and when:”

For all things indie:
(The feature where you can choose what bands you like and get e-mails when they announce new shows is great, but a lot of the summer shows have already been announced so I’d recommend looking through the listings for the time you’ll be there. There’s a nifty ‘save this show’ feature so you don’t forget which ones you want to see).
For many of the same things indie, from a different source:
(A lot of the big indie venues of the city— all the ones owned by Bowery Ballroom group— are listed on this website. Sometimes I end up coming across stuff here that I don’t see on Ohmyrockness, but if you don’t feel like spending the time, Ohmyrockness should have most of it).
And for Jazz, check out:
(There are a zillion shows listed, so you definitely have to pick and choose the ones that you think sound best. To pare it down a little, it might be worth checking individual venue websites if you find/hear about venues that sound good.)
Have awesome, music-filled summers all of you who are there! I’m jealous!

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