Radio on Radio: Virgin Mobile Live

by on October 18, 2011

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Who wants a radio station that plays new music, doesn’t repeat songs all day, and has personality and character – that, in short, doesn’t SUCK? Well, WRMC, duh, but what about when we’re on break, like this upcoming long weekend?

Here at WRMC have some recommendations of other radio stations that we like almost as much as our own, and that’s why we’re going to be posting these live aural gems once by one in a series we like to call: Radio on Radio. Check back before each break this fall (Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, and Winter Break) for tips on where to tune your ears while WRMC dj’s are too busy stuffing themselves with grandma’s Turducken to play any jams. First up: Virgin Mobile Live

Virgin Mobile Live

Honestly, I have no idea where Virgin Mobile Live came from, who listens to it, or why it exists. My best guess is that it is the world’s best airline radio station. It would be reason enough for me to fly Virgin for my next weekend in Paree.

Regardless, the music selection on VML speaks for itself. Here’s a random sample: Vetiver, Dirty Hands, The Drums, Reptar, Ludacris, Mayer Hawthorne, Florence and the Machine, Twin Shadow, Clubfeet, Kid Savant, Two Door Cinema Club, New Young Pony Club, Body Language, Jet.

It’s an incredible and sometimes eclectic mix of genres that trends towards upbeat and new music. They’re not afraid to play bands nobody’s heard of and sprinkle in classics to keep it interesting. If you can’t deal with jumps from rock classics, to the newest indie band, to a sweet hip-hop remix, it may not be for you. What you will get is a non-stop stream of quality tracks that keep you guessing and up-to date in new, non-top 40 music.

Then there’s Abby. The first time I listened to Abby Braden’s show between 12pm and 2pm weekdays, I thought it was a WRMC dj. Compared to bland top-40 djs that say the same crap err’ day, Abby keeps it fresh and picks her own set every day and posts it on her blog. She is smart, fun, and does great live in-studio interviews with bands almost every day. For the twitter-inclined, she also live-tweets the show, asks for requests, and responds to fans (like me, once!).  There’s also an encore broadcast of her show every night from 9pm-1am.

It’s too bad this isn’t broadcast over the airwaves, only online here: I’ll tune in while WRMC is run by the robots this weekend, and you should too.

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